EOP assists admitted students at the START Summer Orientation Program. START is important because it gives students a chance to visit campus, take placement tests, meet with academic advisors and register for fall classes. In addition, and especially if a student is unable to attend START, there is an orientation program called CONNECT which occurs before classes begin in the fall. All students should plan to attend events during CONNECT because they will help them learn more about the campus, the courses, and the people.

Each new EOP student is required to take placement tests which the student and his or her academic counselor use to decide which classes to take.  We have found thaphoto from the EOP Retreatt students who follow this process and our placement advice have nearly a 50% better chance of staying at OSU by the end of two years.  Every new student also attends the EOP New Student Retreat, an event we all look forward to as a chance to get away for a short time, get to know a few people, and get some questions answered before the crush of fall term begins. This retreat is held the Friday before classes start so that most students can walk into their first classes and see a few familiar and friendly faces.