UEngage Courses

We will be providing a few U-Engage courses this fall.  These courses are similar to any other U-Engage course, but taught by EOP faculty.


Fall term 2017 we will offer: 

Money Matters, CRN: 21235 - TR 16:00-16:50

Course description: This course is designed to develop your knowledge about money matters and build skills to navigate through your OSU finances and your personal finances. Through discussion and research, students will develop a working knowledge about money matters, including such topics as how much of a paycheck actually ends up in your wallet, personal budgeting, savings, and the power of interest earnings. Each student will build a flexible budget template, assess their spending habits, calculate tuition and the full cost of college, and learn how to review their own credit report. Through individual and group exercises, students will also explore cultural and personal perceptions about money, as well as the myths and realities of credit and debt. This course will build your financial literacy and ability to meet your own goals. Activities will help familiarize you with OSU by visiting campus locations, and exploring OSU resources available to you.

What Am I Doing Here: Being First in the Family at College, CRN 27361 - F 10-1:50pm

Course description: For those of us whose parents did not attend college, navigating the experience can be an exciting and daunting experience. It can seem like everyone around you knows what they are doing and that they all have a clear plan for how to succeed in college. This class will explore advice from first generation college students who have been where you are and is taught by instructors who themselves were first generation college students. We’ll discuss advice that others have shared, hear from campus guest speakers who were first generation when they started college, all with the goal of helping you find your path to success in college. You will also find community and be equipped with tools to navigate the university.


Untold Stories: Student of Color Activism at OSU, CRN 20988 - MW 11:00-11:50am

Course description: What role does history play in understanding contemporary issues of inclusion, diversity, and racism on American college campuses?  How can we work on solutions for these problems if we don’t know our history?  What are the important stories of people of color in Oregon and specifically at OSU that haven’t been told that are hidden in the past?

In this class, we will dig into OSU and surrounding community archives to find some of these untold stories.  We will start class by going on the existing campus tour of Untold Stories to honor the work of past U-Engage students and then use the existing information as a starting point to explore the ways student activism has created change at OSU.  With the support of the instructors, students will use this historical  data and learn how to use creative works to tell a story from the past in modern-day terms.