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who we support

If you identify as an underrepresented student on campus, consider applying to EOP. We support students including, but not limited to:

  • Students of color
  • Low-income students
  • First-generation in college (neither parent graduated)
  • Undocumented or DACAmented students

In addition to our key services, EOP proudly supports our students in a variety of other ways including workshops, career support, and involvement in other opportunities.

application process

Students may apply for EOP at any time prior or during their enrollment at the OSU Corvallis campus, and admission consideration will be given for the term after the application is submitted. If an application is submitted at the end of a term, students may not hear back until the middle of the following term.

Students just starting college and those with multiple needs and qualifying factors have higher priority in the admissions process.

You are welcome and encouraged to check in on your application by calling the main office at 541-737-3628 or contacting Raina Martinez at any time.

Take Advantage of These EOP Services


Bridge Program

The EOP Bridge Program exists to welcome and orient incoming EOP first-year students, and offers an exciting way to begin the transition to college. The Bridge Program helps new students build community, feel confident in getting around campus and provides skills and information that will facilitate a successful first year at Oregon State. Contact us if you are an incoming first-year student interested in participating in the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is offered at no cost to participants.

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Academic Counseling

Each EOP student works with one of our counselors who has training and experience to guide students through the hoops and barriers which exist in college. We work with students until they graduate from Oregon State and sometimes beyond. Our counselors come from many different educational and career backgrounds, so our staff not only has the intellectual understanding needed to help students succeed, but the personal awareness as well. And hey, we enjoy working with students!

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EOP Courses

EOP offers smaller sections of several courses that are required across majors, including courses in math and writing. These classes are small enough that students will get to know their instructors and classmates while completing college requirements, preparing for courses in their major, and building academic skills in a comfortable environment. Smaller classes invite students to interact more with instructors, build community with classmates, and actively participate in their learning.

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EOP Scholarships

EOP offers multiple scholarships to students active in EOP, including activities such as meeting with academic counselors and participating in workshops, social events, and/or cultural centers for a full academic year. Scholarships range from $500-$2,000 annually. There are also many scholarships available to students within and outside of Oregon State University. Explore OSU ScholarDollars to find available opportunities or search based on specific criteria.

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Academic Counseling FAQs

Each student in EOP develops a one-on-one relationship with a professional academic counselor who is trained and has extensive experience supporting the academic and personal development of students. Each student will develop a personalized plan for achieving academic and personal goals.

Academic counselors serve EOP students in many ways:

  • We help students transition and integrate into Oregon State University.
  • We support student self-advocacy, supporting students in successfully accessing other resources on campus such as academic advising, academic resources, financial aid and co-curricular activities.
  • We advocate for students and/or help facilitate a resolution when students request and could benefit from such support.
  • We work to provide a safety net through the development of strong collaborative relationships with colleagues across campus and proactive academic counseling with each student.
  • We are knowledgeable about many university services and operations and are able to connect students to appropriate resources.
  • We identify educational challenges in order to prepare students to overcome potential roadblocks to success at OSU.

Academic advisors provide support so that students are making satisfactory progress towards a degree. They help students in interpreting university and departmental requirements so that they can make informed decisions about their academic coursework and potential major(s) and career paths.

EOP academic counselors are a resource for students in all aspects of their experience at Oregon State University. We support each student’s development and help them to identify and work toward their academic, personal, financial, extracurricular and career goals.

We encourage each student to establish a strong relationship with their academic advisor as well as their EOP academic counselor. It is important that students meet with their advisor each term to discuss course requirements, career options and future scheduling of important courses. Each student should also work regularly with their academic counselor in the EOP program to develop strong academic skills and to plan participation in co-curricular opportunities such as study abroad, undergraduate research or internships.

EOP Course FAQs

If your primary interest in EOP is the courses we teach, you do not need to complete the application or be admitted to the program.

Students can take EOP courses without being admitted to EOP as long as they meet the prerequisites for the specific course, including placement score if appropriate. If a student wishes to enroll into an EOP course, they should contact Urmila Mali to verify eligibility and get on the waitlist. We will only be able to approve access to courses for which the student has already completed the prerequisite with a C- or better or been approved through placement testing.

The classes offered by EOP count the same as any other Oregon State class and look just the same on a transcript. EOP classes are usually smaller (e.g., capped at 25 students) and are taught by specially selected instructors who have experience teaching in diverse classrooms.

Students already in EOP, LSAMP, TRIO SSS or CAMP sign up by working with their academic counselor.

For students not in these programs, there is a waitlist system. Please come by our office or contact Urmila Mali to learn more.