Celebrating First-Generation Students

The First! Committee includes faculty, staff, and alumni of OSU who volunteer their time to advocate for the needs of first-generation students at OSU. Formed in 2015, the committee has coordinated celebration events, networking opportunities, and student panels in their efforts to support and amplify the voices of first-generation students to raise awareness and build community.

How does OSU define first-generation?

The definition is complex, and always evolving, but OSU defines first-generation students as those who are of the first generation in their family to earn a 4-year college degree. Check out this blog from NASPA for more information about the varying definitions of first-generation students and why this discussion is important.

Student Support Resources

Key Campus Partners

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)

EOP supports the academic, personal, and professional development of students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education, including first-generation students, by providing a welcoming environment which includes smaller classes, academic counseling, and innovative programs & services designed to enhance retention and persistence.

More about EOP

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

TRIO SSS is a federally-funded program which provides opportunities for academic growth and development, assists students with basic college requirements and motivates students toward the successful completion of their post-secondary education. First-generation students, low-income students, and students with physical or learning disabilities are eligible to apply.

More about TRIO SSS

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

CAMP is a federally-funded program designed to support students from migrant and seasonal farm worker backgrounds, many of whom are also first-generation students, during their first year in college. CAMP provides academic counseling and other services focused on successful enrollment and continued persistence toward academic goals.

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First-Gen "Plus" Resources

Being first-generation is often one of many pieces of a student's identity. Below you'll find a list of campus resources that support other identities and experiences of first-generation students at OSU. A more complete list can be found at OSU Experience.

Additionally, we are excited to feature CommunityBridge as another great resource for first-generation students which focuses on bringing together both campus and Corvallis community resources. From the creater: "CommunityBridge is an inclusive website for Students of Color at OSU, with the focus being with first-generation students and transfer students. The website's main goal is to help ease their transition into higher education. CommunityBridge displays city Non-Profit(s) and University information/programs all onto one easy accessible web-page."

Check out the CommunityBridge website

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides support and services to help all students achieve their academic goals. ASC programs help students develop learning strategies and time management skills to excel in their coursework and stay on track to graduate.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center works to empower, support and nurture OSU students in their exploration and pursuit of lifelong career success and meaningful employment.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Committed to improving students’ lives through counseling, resources for managing stress and improving self-esteem, and mindfulness practices, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is here to help you flourish — whereever you are. CAPS is currently offering many online wellness resources and remote services, including on-going individual counseling and the Single Session Clinic for one-time appointments focused on a particular concern or problem.

Diversity & Cultural Engagement

Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) brings students together for out-of-classroom experiences that build bridges to community and support your ability to change the world. Through our programming and cultural resource centers, DCE enriches your personal growth and development while fostering belonging.

Human Services Resource Center

Many students are facing new challenges due to COVID-19. The Human Services Resource Center is here to support you. We provide textbook access, laptop and calculator lending and food assistance. Contact us to find out how we are adjusting our services to work with students remotely.

Student Experiences & Engagement

Through our many programs, Student Experiences & Engagement provides hands-on experiences that can help you find a sense of belonging, build skills for employability, challenge your heart and mind, make new connections, amplify your strengths, help you connect to purpose, lift your spirit and support you living your best life. 

First! Voices Project

The First! Voices project was founded to help first-generation students learn from other first-generation students, whether current students or faculty, and to share their experiences about being the first to go to college!

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