Men's Development & Engagement

Our vision is to help men lead healthy lives.

Men's Development & Engagement (MDE) is an initiative of the Educational Opportunities Program. MDE focuses on engaging Oregon State University's men in discussion of gender, exploring topics of masculinity in our community and developing healthy masculine identities.

MDE provides engaging and innovative programs that:

  • Support male-identified student success
  • Develop healthy men and masculinities
  • Engage male-identified individuals and groups in credit- and non-credit-bearing opportunities to explore identity development and societal norms while also building community


Gifts to our foundation account helps us keep our programs running and able to support students. If you would like to give to our foundation account, please contact Jason Dorsette.

Distinguished Scholars Initiative

The Distinguished Scholars Initiative (DSI) provides community, fellowship and mentorship for male students of color at Oregon State University. Through one-on-one sessions and group meetings, DSI aims to inspire and cultivate a high standard of achievement for collegiate men.

Utilizing the tenets of social justice, we foster the continued development of self-efficacy, servant leadership, professional skills and academic excellence in male students of color. As a member of DSI, students can expect:

  • Fellowship and community with other members of DSI
  • An ongoing relationship with a mentor at OSU
  • Excursions, socials and other community events
  • Tutoring and promotion of academic excellence
  • Connection to a network of mentors and individuals dedicated to their success at and beyond OSU

Become a Member of DSI

Interested in leading and taking the next step? Attend our weekly coffee hour and chat with us, or become a member of the Distinguished Scholars Initiative.

    Get Involved

    Intern or Volunteer with us

    We are always seeking undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working with us. There are always projects you can take on and we welcome innovation. Please email Jason Dorsette if you are interested in interning or volunteering.

    Beaver Brother COFFEE HOUR

    We host a virtual weekly coffee hour in partnership with the Women & Gender Center on Fridays from 10–11 a.m. Contact us to get involved; all are welcome to attend.

    MDE Excursions

    Each term, we organize an excursion for students engaged in MDE programs. These excursions include outdoor experiences such as hiking and rafting, sporting events in Portland and cultural events throughout the state of Oregon. Space on these trips can be limited and priority is given to students involved in MDE events and programs.


    Our annual spring conference, which typically takes place sometime between mid-March/early-April provides opportunity and space for students and community members to gather in community and engage in conversations centered around masculinity. Our intent of conference is not to call folk out nor shame them but instead to share perspectives, engage in conversations, and begin our collective journey of positive social change. All are welcome to attend regardless of demographics and identities. More information will be shared as we get closer to releasing the conference dates.

    Invite MDE To Host a Workshop

    We facilitate conversations that introduce the ways we learn about masculinity and being men for small and large groups. You can view our more popular workshops below, or we can work with you to create a workshop that will best suit the needs of your group. Please contact Jason Dorsette to request a workshop.

    In this session, we examine the ways we were taught to “be a man” and the messages we received about how men need to act to be seen as masculine. As a result of this session, participants will understand the way masculinity and gender are socialized; how it is reinforced throughout our lives; and strategies we can utilize to challenge that cycle. This session has high participant engagement.

    The Mask You Live In is a 90-minute documentary from the Representation Project that follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America's narrow definition of masculinity. The film ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men. We have the rights to screen the documentary at Oregon State University and can facilitate a group dialogue or panel discussion following the film. This experience has moderate participant engagement.

    This workshop is in development. Contact Jason Dorsette for information.

    This workshop is in development. Contact Jason Dorsette for information.

    Utilizing panel discussion we can address a range of topics through the stories and experiences of the panelists. We can help in the recruitment of panelists, writing of questions and facilitation of discussion. Please note that coordinating this discussion can take some time in order to identify willing and available panelists. The panel discussion has moderate participant engagement.

    This presentation provides an introduction to masculinity, examines how it affects our lives and shares strategies for further exploration and development. This presentation has lower participant engagement.

    This dialogue unpacks the terms “healthy masculinity” and “toxic masculinity.” Through a group activity and conversation, we will explore the definitions of which masculinities are healthy, which are toxic, what may be in between. This session has high participant engagement.

    Meet the Team

    Please email Jason Dorsette if you have any questions or want to get involved with us.

    Visit our office in 342 Waldo Hall to take a break between classes and learn more about our programs.


    Jason Dorsette

    Jason Dorsette, Professional Lead

    Henok Techeste

    Henok Techeste, Student Lead