eop scholarships

EOP offers multiple scholarships to students active in EOP each year ranging from $500-$2,000. The application for the academic year 2018-19 is now CLOSED. Look for the 2019-2020 application in the spring.

Qualifications to be considered for one or more EOP Scholarship:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Active in EOP for at least 2 terms
  • Answer all required questions
  • At least 2.75 Oregon State University GPA
  • Participate in at least one community, extracurricular or cultural activity/organization

additional scholarships

There are many scholarships available to students within and outside of Oregon State University. Visit the Oregon State Scholarship Office's database to explore your options based on specific criteria (deadlines, application materials, awards, etc.), or do a general search to see the opportunities available to you. Students can also apply for scholarships within their specific college or academic program.

Prestigious Scholarships

The Prestigious Scholarships office can assist you through all stages of the application process of nationally and internationally competitive scholarships. Their office is passionate about supporting the aspirations of all Oregon State candidates: undergraduate, graduate and alumni. Applying for these awards can be a gateway to new experiences, new opportunities and new successes.

Scholarships for Global Study

The opportunity to study abroad or participate in an international internship can be a chance to gain new perspectives and skills to help you with your studies and inspire you to be a global citizen. There are many ways to fund an experience abroad, including scholarships specific to international study or internships, prestigious national scholarship opportunities and more. Visit the International Programs website for more information.

Third-Party Scholarships

Oregon State University’s Scholarship Office evaluates any third-party scholarship information for validity, legitimacy and applicability to students. Scholarships are submitted from local, state, national and international organizations and are not specifically affiliated with Oregon State. Students can browse posted scholarships within the website.